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We are a New York, Atlanta, Georgia, & Los Angeles, California based independent contracting company looking to take on any new & post projects from tv shows/networks/movies/independent films & streaming sites that are short on help & that may need some assisting on cleaning their books, processing payroll & or the normal duties of production accounting.  This is a remote contracting company only.  We are familiar with all accounting software such as Greenslate, Cast & Crew, all & Vista Softwares as well as QuickBooks. 
We are also proficient in the production accounting duties that include cost reporting, cash flow, bank reconciliations, journal entries, entering new vendors in the system, cutting vendor checks, p-card & petty cash reconciliations, accounts receivable bill backs, & requesting cash funding.  We can get your project started, up and running, in the system & we would be willing to stay on permanent if need be.  
We are also Local 161 affiliated for any Union projects.

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